Finished Painted Concrete Floors

The concrete was in good shape not rough and the paint that I used had a satin finish which makes it feel nice and smooth under your feet. Well girls I did it – my completed painted concrete floors. Took me the best part of the day. Started out by cutting in and painting all the skirting boards as they were an off white. With a roller and 8 litres of concrete paint this is the end result. The paint was very easy to apply and I hope you agree that the end result is truly beautiful. What a great alternative to expensive flooring and having to worry about staining beautiful carpets. For now I think this will be a great option throughout summer and I think I will now do the same to my bedroom. Yes you guessed it the master bedroom has that revolting blue carpet too.

This room gets lot of sunlight and the awnings on the outside were a great bonus. I can easily pull these down when the sun gets too hot.

Now I look forward to hanging some chandeliers, buying a new rug and putting up my new curtains to complete the look.

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  1. Tina says

    Sandy!!! Your floor looks AMAZING – what a wonderful job you have done and such a huge transformation. You should be so pleased with yourself and the result – I love it!!!!!! ENJOY that gorgeous white floor, I am so envious:) Have a lovely weekend – Tina x

  2. MelsRosePlace says

    It looks so fantastic Sandy – did you use normal paint or paving paint? When we did the garage a lot of it has peeled so i will have to find out what you used and go over it some time. You must be so happy with it and you got it done in record time. Mel xxx

  3. chair up says

    I have to admit, I was a teeny bit skeptical when you said you were going to paint the concrete. I admit it, I was WRONG! They look GREAT. And is that one of yur dining chairs, painted, in the first picture??? Looking good.
    PS Email's not working at the mo, should be fixed next week. Will be in touch.

  4. Sandra says

    Hi Sandy, I have been following your blog for a long time but this is my first comment, I have to say I am loving those floors, I 'thought' about painting the wooden floor in my shed but some of the gaps were so wide you could see the ground through them, after seeing yours I am wishing I had of given it a go, I could have carpeted it if it didn't work… too late now unfortunately.
    Really love yours.


    YAY now you have me even more excited to do ours. I was going to do it monday….but the insulation guys are coming on wednesday and i dont want them walking all over my lovely floors! LOL. what to do????
    Anyway it looks beautiful hun, WELL DONE.
    xx Shann

  6. Lil says

    Such event seing you daring changes I never would have imagined ! You are so amazing !

    It is because of you that I dared to paint my kitchen in white and it looks soooo wonderful now (pictures in my blog)!

    The floors you painted in white are absolutely "Hammer" (which is one of the greatest german compliments) – I LOVE THEM !


  7. Linda says

    Well it really looks great! Will it be durable or will it scuff and scratch? I would imagine it would hold up ok… and if it did scratch it would just add to the shabby chic look…or you could do touch ups!

    Bravo! ((smile)) Good Job!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  8. Alexandra says

    Lovely! I am in the process of painting floors in my upstairs bedrooms(wood overlayment). I almost rented a concrete grinder for the concrete floors downstairs for polished concrete, but after seeing yours, I think I'll try paint. The grinder is a hassle to rent and get home. paint is easy an inexpensive!

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