French Inspired Armoire

I have just completed this lovely Armoire painted in a very light french grey color. 
Perfect size with shelving and hanging space. Ideal for a child’s or adults bedroom or even a linen cupboard.. 

We have put this piece on castors which makes is so much easier to move around. 

All painted inside.

Great full length mirror.
For inquiries on this piece email here. 


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  1. Anne says

    Beautiful, beautiful! I am definitely a "paint it white" girl, myself (to the chagrin of my husband, at times!)
    So glad to have found your beautiful blog!

  2. Imperfections says

    Oh I want that! Looking the photos over I think if I find just the right door I could have hubby make me one. Or rather him one because I want it to replace his dresser with.

  3. Helen@mypetittrianon says

    Oh…oh…oh, it's so beautiful. I want one!! Sandy, where do you get your gorgeous eiderdowns from pictured in the most gorgeous cupboard in the world. I really want to get a couple for my girls, although I have been toying with the idea of making them myself. Great job as always.

  4. Cheryl Robinson says

    Hi,love your work, i have a couple of lovely white pieces and also love this look. I have sanded back a lovely old kitchen dresser but not sure what type of paint to use as its been alot of hard work sanding back and don't want to spoil it by using the wrong paint. hope you can help me out. Warm regards Cheryl. 0438154344

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