Wardrobe Completed

In between the showers of rain this week and getting home late from work I have managed to finish off the wardrobe.  Painted white with grey panelling something was missing from this piece and it was looking far too plain. So I painted on some number stencils for a bit of fun.
Heaps of drawers and hanging space inside makes for a very versatile little piece.
I had this wardrobe in my daughters room for over a year. She came home last night and said “love the wardrobe mum where did you get that from”.  Oh she said thats right I remember it now.



  1. theoldboathouse says

    I always love this style of cupboard and they are so perfect for linen etc if you bang in a few shelves…the numbers are great gives it a bit of industrial punch!! Hope you find heaps this weekend, cheers Katherine

  2. Sandy says

    You did such a great job, your daughter did not even recognize it.. Nice!
    I remember having one like that from my mom. but I moved and left alot of furniture behind and now am so sorry!
    Your the one with the white painted floors.. I almost pulled my carpets today but it rained and I could not put them outside … soon!

  3. Suz says

    That's fabulous! I love all of it: the grey, the white, the glass knobs, the shabby treatment, the stencilled numbers. So wonderful, and such a great makeover from the original piece.

  4. Life in the Country Lane says

    Hi Sandy, thank you for your comment and advice re the bookshelves. I know the potential of this house is huge, but the bank balance isnt – each room is so huge, so its one at a time (never fast enough for me)! I love your wardrobe, the color is great. The numbers add a quirkiness most people wouldnt think of. Have a lovely weekend.
    Rebecca x

  5. chair up says

    I love it Sandy! Funny Paige, does she want it back in her room now?
    There's only one thing about it…you used 3 odd numbers and 1 even (My OCD is a curse!)
    Did you make the stencils yourself? If not, where'd you get them???

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