International Recognition Casa Chic

I want to first thank Annarita Triarico a talented writer and publisher for Lotus Publishing in Rome. Annarita approached me a few months ago to be featured in the Italian Magazine Gli Speciali Casa Chic. The magazine’s main focus is on romantic style and I cannot wait to receive my issue in the post. If you happen to be an International follower from Italy you can pick up your copy at New stands now.
My home made the front cover in two of the above images. Very exciting and such a buzz to see it all in print.

Sorry about the quality of these images but I had trouble uploading the images to blogger.  You get the idea and even better if you can speak Italian.  I also believe that it will be printed and published in France as well.

So proud and so lucky to receive such international exposure. Not only for me but for the Woolloongabba Antique Centre as well. 



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  1. Patricia says

    Contratulations Sandy, and well-deserved to be featured internationally. Your work is so beautiful; we are lucky to have you here in Brisbane. Still dreaming of having some of your pieces at my place :) xx

  2. The Pink Poodle says

    congratulations Sandy…how totally AWESOME~~~~

    the pictures look stunning…I will have to try to track down a copy from somewhere!!~~

    xx andrea ( b is moving to Bulimba so i will be in brisbane a lot more now!!~~)

  3. leanne says

    WOW! Congratulations Sandy.You must be so excited. Your home and your furniture makeovers are constantly beautiful and inspiring. So happy for you…

  4. Rosaria amorim says

    Congratulations friend, I'm happy for you, I wonder how you're feeling, you're a special person to the world and to God as pure white in these environments surely the Holy Spirit of God dwells because white is purity, peace, light, life. I love branco.Que God bless you mightily as you deserve. bjs.

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