Armoire – My Latest Find

Hope you all had a great week.
 I certainly did and wanted to show you all my latest find. This gorgeous Armoire is totally divine and maybe just maybe will escape the white paint for now. 

Beautiful carved timber with glass front.

Think I will have shelving installed inside just to make it more useful. 


Would look good white, don’t you think?

LOVE the white armoire, chandelier...


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  1. Fiona, LilyfieldLife says

    and I thought you said it was tough to find pieces lately. I think it's beautiful. perhaps you should try to sell as is and save yourself some work and then if it doesn't sell you can always paint it . it's divine!

  2. Restyled Vintage says

    Whoa that is lovely Sandy…yeah go white though! I wanted to ask your tips on painting concrete floors, I am about to attack my garage. Problem is, it has stains on it which I'd have to assume include grease. What paint would you recommend/avoid? Bunnings told me to use oil based, is that what you used? My workshop/studio is coming along very nicely :) We are at home 'alone' tonight, Mum and Dad have gone home and we are by ourselves in our 'new' house for the first time in 7 weeks…it is a bit odd!

    Hope you are well :)
    xx Karen

  3. Tre Engler says

    What a wonderful creation :) it was just really delicious! And it's going to be a dream in white. Is absolutely beautiful, can not wait to see it finished!

    Squeeze Meret

  4. Katherine says

    Ah NO… stop the paint brush just this one time. This is gorgeous. GORGEOUS.
    I love painted furniture too and especially love the details you always put on each piece. But this beauty has it's own loveliness. The rubbing on the wood shows the love of someone's hand touching it so many times. And think how it will highlight a painted piece when placed near it……

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Sandy,

    That last photo of the white living room is so gorgeous! I love the white chippy armoire.Your armoire was such a great find! And, yes, it would look lovely painted white!

    Love your blog!


  6. says

    Why not just paint the inside white and leave the outside as is?… The best of both worlds!

  7. Anonymous says

    If you paint this one you will absolutely decrease the value. Collectors would have a hard time looking past the work needed to restore it. If you are having a hard time deciding then your answer should be not to paint. That wood has a natural contrasting beauty in your house, and provides a type of transparent character.

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