Friday, October 29, 2010

Beachy Geen Fold Up Chairs

Have a thing for pale green at the moment and arn't these beach babes the sweetest thing. Love how they are so light weight and easy to fold up and take to the beach.
I spent ages on these as had to make sure all the back and underneath was painted as well. Very happy with the finish.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

French Blue Linen Lamps

These french blue linen lamp shades I made this week as a special order. The customer actually gave me a linen skirt that she picked up at a thrift store. Just goes to show that sometimes you need to think outside the box. Instead of going to her local fabric shop she saw potential in this skirt.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mantle Mirror

The weather is perfect and I spent most of yesterday priming and painting. The guys have headed into Surfers today to watch the V8's so my daughter and I did a little shopping and a little re-arranging the house (as you do). I picked up this gorgeous mantle mirror through the week and have made it over in a french grey colour. My new plant goes perfect on this old table.

How cool is this vintage filing stand, perfect for A4 paper and all your receipts and Invoices.


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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday's Finds

With all the rain we had been getting in Queensland lately my thrifting seemed to be non existent. Then I stumbled across these shabby beauties. I was looking at some very similar chairs in a retail store this week all done in a lovely white wash and upholstered in a gorgeous linen, they were $300 per chair.  I love these just as they are but can also see a french makeover happening.  Actually I got many pieces yesterday that made me smile, I will share them over the weekend. Hope you all have a great one. 

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

French Desk

For the first time in about four weeks the sun is shining on a weekend. I haven't done much in the way of painting at all but I have managed to finish this beauty. When I first saw it I could see the potential in the beautiful carved patterns on the sides. Which have come up lovely once slightly sanded. It's going to a new home this afternoon. The chair is part of a set of 4 I picked up through the week.


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Slip Covers are they for you?

One of the many questions I get asked is "where did I get my slipcovers made". I love my slipcovers and honestly I wouldn't have anything else. I had my first slipcovers made over ten years ago and they are still going strong today. I love the fact that you can throw them in the wash with some bleach and they come up so fresh & clean. The biggest tip I can give you is make sure you pre-wash the fabric prior to making the covers to avoid shrinkage. I have used a white denim/drill and always have the covers made a tad on the larger side, which makes them easier to get off and on. I have them made with one zipper on the side or at the back and that's it ~ easy on and easy off.
I am lazy and never iron my covers (as you can probably tell). But I love the crinkly and relaxed look. 
Are custon slipcovers expensive?
Yes I would say they are. First you have to purchase the chair, then you would need approx 7 metres of fabric for one chair plus your upholstery costs. I don't see slipcovers as a cheap alternative but rather a practical alternative for my life and family. Slipcovers can me made in many colours and of course white is the hardest colour to keep clean  but I always know they can be washed and bought back to new again.
For lovers of slipcovers I would say head to Ikea they have many chairs and lounge suits being not only comfortable but very affordable. You have the option to change your covers to suit the seasons and your decor.  95% of my furniture is slip covered which makes the dressing up easy as everything goes with white.  If you find you love the look and the easy care them I would recommend having some custom made to suit your pieces.

I am a basic sewer and one day I will attempt my own slipcovers but for now I will leave it up to the professionals. If your one of those lucky girls that can sew your own I say that's fantastic and such a great way to dress up your pieces.

We have such wonderful weather here in Queensland and thats another reason why slip covers suit my lifestyle.  I can have them on the line and dry in just an hour or two


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Friday, October 08, 2010

French Settee

This settee was originally my sisters and she no longer wanted it. So I put it on my blog and ended up selling the two matching chairs which left me with the settee. I just couldn't bring myself to sell it and have decided to keep it. Then by accident I stumbled upon these two chairs that just happended to match the settee. So I now have the full three piece back again. I just dont think I was meant to part with it.
So now I need to decide what to do with them.  
The pink velvet is immaculate but I can just picture this beauty painted and  re-upholstered in some gorgeous linen. The timber is quite dark and would look perfect painted white.
It's actually a very comfortable settee and is going to be perfect at the end of my bed.  

Tilly thinks its a great spot to chill out.

I just love it when you have visions for a piece and can picture it all done. This one is going to be a keeper for sure.

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