Standard Lamp Shade

It has not stopped raining all weekend so that means no painting for me, well maybe I did manage to prime a few pieces yesterday. So I looked around my shed and saw this large standard lamp shade sitting there in need of a re-cover. Perfect rainy weather and lamp shade making go well together for me.  Still can’t resist some gorgeous sweet rose fabric.

Vintage 1950’s trim for the shade

No real elegant way to do lamps just need a comfy chair and grip the shade between your legs. 

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  1. Mary Ellen says

    Oh that is such a pretty lamp shade redo and your room is so comfy cozy looking!! May I ask if you bought the lamp itself with the crystals or if you revamped the lamp and if so, if you could tell us how! I have a chandy with the 3 round tiers and would love to do something like this on one of my floor lamps!

    bee blessed

  2. ChRiS says

    very very pretty till i seen it in your *leg grip* i had no idea was so larger well looks large compared to your lil features….love the lamp and new shade

  3. chair up says

    There's just no stopping you is there;o)
    That shade looks so much bigger in the shot of you covering it, it's a whopper.
    I picked up 2 huge shades from the tender centre but they're not going to work so think I'll ebay them.

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