Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Beach Cottage Giveaway

swing by the Beach Cottage Giveaway

Growing Up

Don't they just grow up way too quick. Paige Grade 7 and Jordan Grade 1. As like all households this morning I am expecting it to be very quiet. I actually don't know weather to laugh or cry. I have managed to clean the garage, vacuum, get some ebay listing ready and even do the ironing. You can get so much done without little people interuptions. I hope they are having a wonderful day at their new school and I can't wait for them to get home.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Op Shop Find

Don't you just love a find when you don't have to do anything to it. This chair/table was already chippy white and exactly how we like it.

Finished Projects

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Street Appealing

How inviting does this store look from the roadside. Love the scrolly furniture and all that white.

Back To School

Well I guess we are looking forward to tomorrow when the kids start back at school and we can all get back into routine again. On the other hand I am not looking forward to school lunches, having to get the kids out of bed and back to the daily grind. The one blessing for me is that now we have moved into a rural setting I do not have to fight with the traffic on the highway and do not have to contend with any traffic lights. School is a mere 5 min away and they can even catch the bus if need be from the end of the street. I will have to decide what I am going to do with myself. Paint more furniture I say. Over these last few months I have been contemplating opening a small homeware/furniture store in the local town. I still have some more research to do but this is somthing I have always wanted to do. I have the shed full of lovely pieces all ready to go so what better place to show them than my own store. Hope everyone is having a lovely Australia Day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Noosa Queensland

Lets just say that my trip to Noosa yesterday was well worth the visit. My first stop was the local op shops around Maroochydore. Usually these op shops are very over priced but with a passion for vintage finds and I did manage to find a lovely two seater wicker daybed. Was too big to bring home and is now at the inlaws house until I can get back up there to pick it up. Next stop was Signature on Hastings. Apparently this store has been here for a few years and what a buzz that was. The whole shop was just bursting with gorgeous scents and I just wanted to take them all home. All the shop is colour coded so there is everything you want in the colour that pleases you. I highly recommend this shop for eye candy.

The next stop was Talloh at Noosaville. Mostly imported from France this shop was very nice and even better had a huge sale. Another stop to The White House this shop has been on the Mariner for some years but to my surprise she has opened a new store in Noosaville as well. Was even more surprised when i saw about ten of my pieces of furniture in there for sale. The Shop owner buys many of her pieces from Brisbane which is where I sell many of my things. Called in and had a lovely lunch at Perigian Beach and then wandered home back to the kids and husband.

Days out like these should be done more often when you can browse uninterruped.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Weekend GetAway

We decided to take off for a few days and visit the inlaws in Caloundra. It's only a 2 hour drive away and once your there it feels like your miles away. The weather has been perfect and we have done lots of swimming, walking and even took in the local markets this morning. This picture is taken from the back of my inlaws house looking across the lake. I have loved being at home this summer with the kids but tomorrow I have decided is going to be a kid free day. I am going to take in some shops in Noosa tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it. Have been reading about Singnature on Hastings on sarah's blog and think it is a must see. I am getting excited already. There is also The White House and Talloh that are on my list as well. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Oh I called into Otilly & Lewis at Perigian Beach yesterday and that was a real treat. Lots of lovely french camisoles and underwar that were too nice to wear to bed. This shop had beautiful things and the candles from France were divine.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

French Grey Bedsides

Finished these bedsides yesterday which have come up lovely. I did these in a french grey colour and would look great in a beachy or french style room. They work in well with the white and are really nice for a change of colour.
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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Before & After

Was very reluctant to paint this lovely coffee table however one of the legs had to be repaired therefore some of the repair work was slightly visible. But like everything it got the white paint treatment and I am so glad that I did. Such a gorgeous piece now taking pride in my lounge room.

All Things White

Since we movd into this house four weeks ago I have been changing things around on a daily basis. My previous two houses had lots of florals everywhere but this time I am being very good and only introducing the odd floral here and there. Really loving the white on white look. After reading many of your lovely blogs I see that many people are opting for this look. That way you can introduce florals, beachy accents and mix it around. I really love how modern is introduced with vintage finds as well. Not that I can ever see myself going modern.
I love the thrill of a good find and my heart really does skip a beat when i find that awesome pieces of furniture. I will never forget the day I was on my way to a church car boot sale. I was standing there behind this car that had just arrived and the lady gracefully got out of the car and opened her boot. There sitting there were four vintage chandeliers. When I asked her the price and she said $10 each I knew my day was done. It did not matter what ever else I found at the church market I knew that my day was going to be a great one. After i chatted to the stall holder she mentioned that she was renovating her home on the canal and it was full of chandeliers. I found myself at her place the very next week removing them all for her and adding to my collection. I must say that it was the chandelier that always started it all for me those many years ago. I have collected them ever since and ust say that I find them very hard to part with. I have installed one chandelier in this rental home we are currently in and the remainder of them are all stored for my dream home. Wherever I go I must say that I do not find the chandelier the chandelier finds me.
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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Country Sunset and Backyard Views

Sunday's are just wonderful arn't they. I look forward to them so much as Sunday for me is market day and usually the day I hope to find lots of goodies. Woke the kids nice and early and we went to a market today that I usually do not go to. Unfortunately many of the stall holders are still on vacation so goodies were few and far between. I did manage to buy a heap of crystal knobs that were going out cheap so they will make it on many chest of drawers that are waiting on hardware.

I have been busy painting and finishing off some pieces this weekend so will post some pics when they are finished.

I have won some tickets to the basketball today Gold Coast Blaze vs Townsville Crocs at the Gold Coast Convention Centre so should be a good afternoon. Here is a lovely pic of the beautiful sunset last night and my backyard views. Hope everyone is having a fab weekend.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Well another year down and I guess 2009 will go just as quick as 2008. Stay safe and I hope this year is filled with exciting chapters in your life.
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