Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Well I got over my son being sick and now my poor daughter has started vomitting tonight so lets hope it stops there. School holidays here in Australia so we are looking forward to having a week away at my parents and not having to do the school run. Managed a bit of painting today and even took in a lovely lunch with a close friend. Hope you all have a good week. x

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Linda said...

Love the unique dining table. Are you going to paint it? And is that a picture of your bathroom and bedroom,...or just some that you thought were nice????

Do you live in an old house/cottage? It is all so charming!

Sorry your kids are sick.
Take care!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Forever Vintage said...

I love the dining table and chairs. I want to add the same ruffled seat covers to my chairs when I am done painting my set.

Tanza said...

Hi Sandy,
Gosh these photos are just drop dead gorgeous !! The lace on that bed ruffle has got my eye, and I just sooo want something like that !! SWEET !! Hope you're kiddies are feeling better soon !! Enjoy the rest of you're week-end !! hugs ~tea~

blushing rose said...

You continue to amaze me with your exquisite style & pics. Beautiful. Get well EVERYBODY!! TTFN ~Marydon

Chantilly Cottage said...

Hi Sandy
Thanks for stopping by.
Sorry to hear that the kids have been sick not a nice way to start the school holidays.
Hope they feel better very soon. Have a nice time away. Catch up soon.
Take Care.
Deb x

Alison Gibbs said...

Wonderful photos you have shared with us. Hope everyone is now healthy and that the school holidays can be enjoyed

A Stitch In Thyme said...

I love the last picture. If my bedroom can come out half as lovely i'll be doing something very right. Love it.

Beach Vintage said...

Good morning Sandy. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment. Loving your blog. I had not seen it before. You have a new follower.

The Barn House said...

Wow loving that bedroom, it is a true dream inspiring room

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Sandy, that bug must be getting round as first my youngest son had it and then my daughter too. Hope yours are all better now, there's nothing worse than when the kids are sick. I just love the pics you post.. lots of inspiration. Take care, enjoy the holidays, Maryann

Melissa said...


I just found your blog. It's stunning.

I hope your family feels better soon.

Sunbonnet Cottage

With Loving Stitches said...

The bed you show in the pictures is the one I think you should all jump in and stay in til you feel better. I too had a bug and it's never any fun. Feel better & thanks for having me.

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