Favourite Candles & Soaps

Well no treasure hunting today as I have one sick little boy. Don’t you feel for them when late in the night you go into check on them and everything appears to fine and then wham they throw up everywhere. Poor little thing can’t keep any food down and has not stopped vomitting. I go into clean up mode and wash evrything in site duvet covers, mattress protectors and everything else that has that sickly smell. Then I go nuts with the room spray and candles. I was very fortunate this week to receive a lovely parcel in the mail from essense. They are a local Sunshine Coast based company that are producing the most divine body creams, hand lotions and candles. I have had the candles burning all morning until the carpet cleaner arrives. Oh the joys. Still no house news as yet, as the saying goes “still looking”.


  1. Karen says

    There is NOTHING worse than a sick child. You'd just give anything to trade places with them. Poor little guy.
    I, for one, was pleased to hear you say "still looking". It didn't sound to me like you had looked at everything yet. There have to be more than 2 houses in the market for you! If not – WAIT! That is a big purchase.
    And whatever you find, it'll be GORGEOUS when you get done with it!
    Have a great weekend! Karen.

  2. June says

    Sandy, I do hope your little one is feeling better. I was like you when mine would get sick. Seemed I couldn't get things cleaned up fast enough. It's also hard to watch them go through all that as well.

  3. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    I'm sorry to hear your little one is not feeling good.

    I am the same with mine. Even now when they are older I want to take care of them and rid any hint of that sick smell.

    Good luck with your home search. It is not an easy task for certain! Once the hard part is over your are rewarded with the fun of making the new home your own. I always loved that part.

    Hope your little one feels better soon.


  4. Lisa @ On Cloud Pink says

    I totally understand having little sicky ones in the house. I feel so bad for them. I wish I had a sicky removal wand. I do have to admit that when they are sick, I get 10 times more cuddling action from them. I love it – no, not the sicky part, the cuddling. I do hope your little boy gets better soon and I do hope you get some cuddling action too.

    Keep us posted on your home search. I'm excited for you


  5. Jean says

    I feel for you. I remember those days when your kiddies are sick. You feel so sorry for them . Hope he is better soon and no one else gets the nasty bug.
    Jean in Virginia

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