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Am I the only one that dreams of a shop of my own or is there someone else out there in blogland that has this passion as well. I know Cathy Penton is making her dream a reality and I look forward to reading about her journey. I have the vision of my shop in my head and ponder the thought almost every day of my life.. My husband, family & friends tell me to go for it. But I just don’t know what is holding me back. Maybe the ecomony and how tuff things are at the moment play a lot on my mind. I have a job and a regular income but I know that a shop is not always a regular thing. I dream of the beautiful things I would have in my shop and the furniture well there’s plenty of that in my shed.

Candles, soaps, flowers and beautiful pajamas not to mention shabby lamps, mirrors, chandeliers, scrolly furniture oh the list goes on. I know that one day I will do this but for now I will dream and make my list of all the things that will one day go into my shop.


  1. Shabby Pink Cottage says

    I too would love to open my own Shabby shop, however just can’t take the plunge. Instead I just keep dreaming, daydreaming and imagining how it would look.
    Keep dreaming it is good for you. thanks Nel

  2. Forever Vintage says

    My husband and I have the dream as well. Although until my kids have finished all their schooling it will remain a dream for now. We do contemplate moving to the country in a few years and opening a shop just on weekends. From the pics of your home and your furniture makeovers I think you would do well in your own shop.

  3. June says

    No doubt your shop will be a thing to behold. You have such a lovely home and I’m sure your shop will be the same some day. I love the photos you posted today. Love the sofa in the first and the pink cupboard in the second. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Lisa @ On Cloud Pink says

    I dream of one too. However, I think I’ll have to settle on an online shop. My goal is to open one by the end of the year. I want to sell handmade lampshades, aprons, bags, pillow cases, tassels, etc. I also want to include my vintage finds. I’ve managed to draw all my creations down. I just need the time to work right on them. Time has not been very kind to me. By the time, I have time, it’s not enough time. However,I must admit, I always make time for my vintage shopping.

    And when you do finally open one, let us all know. I can’t wait to oogle at all your wonderful creations/finds.


  5. Brenda@View From The Pines says

    My friend Kate has a consignment shop down the street. Very upscale. She also does estate sales. She seems to be doing well in these tough times. At least there are people in there. And the phones are ringing. And she’s quite busy doing this and that. Good luck to you and your someday venture.

  6. Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ says

    Oh Sandy, I would love to open up a little shop in my yard if that was possible. The only thing it would be very hard not to want all the things I pick out for the shop to keep myself. I would have discipline myself first before I could even start. You have a great eye for finding beautiful great things, so I think it would go over well. If you lived by me and had one, well lets just say I would be broke!

  7. Alicia ~ Time Worn Style says

    Oh yes that is a long term dream of mine too (although a mutual friend tells me its not such a good idea at this time!) Whats holding me back? getting a rent on a decent shop in a decent spot up here is next to impossible. My time will come though so I will wait. Have some good connections up here now so must be patient!

  8. The Pink Poodle says

    dear sandy….this is a wonderful dream..
    which i actually realised from 1990 – 2000..

    I had a great time in my shop..”lady nelson interiors” in melbourne..
    sold antiques/vintage stuff..handmade dolls..especially golliwogs..etc..giftwear..etc..

    I loved it…but hard work re staff/rent/taxes etc…
    I often still think about opening another shop…BUT with the economic climate…having to pay rent each week..gst..I am not inclined to do it…
    BUT hey,.i am talking from the aspect of having DONE it for 10 years…so I can say been there done that..
    difficult call…BUT if you have done your research..know what is lacking in your area…demographics/tourism../rental/staff..etc all those things..

    AND you still feel confident..then go with your gut instinct..

    OTHERWISE try selling on line??? (i wish i knew how to do that..that is where i would be heading if i knew how…)..
    hope this helps a little for you..

    xcx andrea

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