Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favourite Things

My Favourite Things

Yummy Fabrics
This one by Tanya Whelan

White Furniture
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My French Couch Before & After

I was so excited when I came across this beauty at a local tip shop. It was in a bad state of affairs with the original fabric seeing better days but the timber was perfect and in great condition.
As a lover of white would do I set our for some lovely white denim and when I told my upholstery man he almost fainted. He is very use to me having almost everything covered in white and he did the best upholstery job. The house we have just moved into has a really large master bedroom so lucky for me the couch is in my room. No children allowed to sit on this beauty. I will keep this couch for a while and then in time will most likely sell it.

As like everything in my house I usually live with the piece for a short time and then move them on. I always think to myself that I will never find another piece similiar again but usually i do.

Crisp white denim has the best feeling of cleanliness and being able to wash the covers on my couch and wing chairs is great when you have kids. I always allow for the covers to be slightly loose fitting and with one easy zipper they are easily removed. White King brings them up lovely and placing them back on the furniture without ironing makes them so practical.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

My latest find. I am always on the look out for fabulous pieces. This one is my latest and is an original french dressing table. This one will be a keeper for sure.

Paige & Jordan with the new edition to the family. We apopted Tilley from the RSPA two days ago. She is an absolute joy. We started off as Foster parents which is a fantastic idea and such a great help to the RSPCA. You have the animals over night and then they are returned through the day with hope that some loving family will adpot them. We had Tilley for three weeks due to a prosecution case. We just did not have the heart to give her back so we adopted her. She is going to be one loved pet and it already feels like she has been in the family for years.
My husband Tim and I on Christmas morning.

The Move

Happy New Year 2009. I attempted many months ago to do my own Blog however with working full time running our own business I just never seemed to have the time to post. We have now sold the business and I am taking some time off to smell the roses. We have lived in residential complexes on th e Gold Coast for many years and have now taken up the offer to rent 2.5 acres out of town. We are living in a town called Canungra and its 30 klms from the coast and I must say it is the best thing we have ever done. Better still the property we are renting is next door to my sister. How peaceful waking up in the mornings with the birds singing and no neighbours peering over at you. The property has a three bay shed and will be perfect for my furniture restoring and painting. We have relocated the kids to the local country school where Paige will finish out to last year of primary and Jordan being so outgoing will start grade one in the New Year.
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